Excavation & Earthworks

We provide the following earthwork services: soil excavation, haulage, placement and spreading of topsoil, rough and fine grading.

About our Excavations

We offer complete service for your entire project from the excavation stage to sodding and street plantings. We can ensure that every project will be handled professionally and in an efficient manner to meet deadlines. With our large fleet of equipment including Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Uniloaders, Skidsteers, and Trucks, we can handle any project of any size.

All of the operators are fully trained, operate in a safe and cautious manner to ensure a safe environment for personnel on-site. Our fleet of equipment is properly maintained, monitored, and cleaned to ensure effective operation while on site. All material always meets your environment, municipal and development standards at all stages of your project.

Related Services

Finish Grading & Sodding

Finish Grading and Sodding thousands of homes has given our skilled grading teams the ability to ensure your project meets all local grading requirements and inspections.

Repair Crews

Our team specializes in repairs for residential and commercial landscaping. Our crews are equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools to complete any tasks that are required. 

Labour Crews & Equipment

Use our labour crews and equipment during higher production periods to meet your demands without the commitment of hiring permanent staff. We specialize in residential construction.

Condominium Landscaping

Our team offers full service landscaping for your condominium project from hardscaping, plantings, recreational spaces, paths, garden beds, buffers for edge management and always creating a bright and welcoming space for your condominium with landscaping.

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